Micro Bow Babe Set

Babe and Bear

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The Micro Bow clips are approximately 2”

They are available as a set of 4

No slip - soft velvet fabric is added inside the clip to help prevent slipping even for fine hair

Perfect for newborns - toddlers. You can use them in tiny ponytails, pigtails or hold bangs to help keep your Babes hair out of her face 


Colors included in each particular set:

STARBURST- Hot Pink, Bubblegum, Orange, Sunshine 

PASTEL- Baby Pink, Light Blue, Mauve, Lavender

SUNSET- Red, Magenta, Coral, Tangerine

SUMMER BREEZE- Navy, Turquoise, Peach, Lemon

OCEAN- Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Aqua, Lime Green

NEUTRAL- White, Khaki, Brown, Black